Engineers on Duty

One-stop Provider of IT and Telecom Services

New sites fast launch, change management, configuration management, network and services maintenance. Unified invoice and SLA, sole responsibility area in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Worldwide.

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Unified Regional Provider

Unified provider of Internet Access, L2, L3, SIP telephony, configuration management, field engineers , Data Center and virtual infrastructure resources

Corporate VPN Cloud Maintenance

Corporate networks maintenance, installation. Configuration and change management. QoS. Timely execution and the development of cost-effective solutions. Corporate regional multi-service cloud Installation, Configuration and Maintenance.


Public Internet Access (with authorization via SMS or phone call, filtered in accordance with the law) and Corporate Access. Authorization Page in accordance with Customer design.

Telephony services and PBX maintenance

Cisco and Avaya PBX Hardware and Software solutions procurement, laboratory testing and piloting, resale, on-site delivery, configuration management, maintenance within SLA. IP PBX turnkey provision and maintenance. Reports, queues, call recording. PBX migrations and upgrades. SIP telephony. Landline phone numbers and 8-800

Backup and reliability

Backup in accordance with the requirements of the Customer. Reliability depending on the significance of services and on the budget, including geographical diversity. Protected network core connectivity.

Monitoring as a Service

Network, hardware, software and services monitoring. Proactive troubleshooting and repair works. Customer notification.

Virtual infrastructure and Data centers

2 Data Centers in Moscow, 1 Data Center in Yaroslavl, 1 Data Center in Kolomna. Tier2+ / Tier3 / Tier4. Distributed virtual infrastructure. Satellite Teleport in Moscow


Russia and
CIS coverage

24/7 Service Performance

Quoting in 2-5 days

Installation in 5-12 days

API Integration with the Partner

Unified SLA

Sole Invoice

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Troubleshooting

Monitoring system access

Availability Reporting