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Media HUB

One-stop Provider for Media Projects - complete service package. Turnkey project launch, consultations, solution upgrade, maintenance, delivery, monitoring.

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Live Broadcasts

Signal delivery from live broadcast point to broadcast complex. Live broadcasts support. Telephone number for return check.

Turnkey Playout Service

Broadcasting complex creation, management and maintenance on Provider or Customer resources. TV channels 24/7 broadcasting operability ensuring.


Broadcast, delivery, signal monitoring. Monitoring throughout the path. Software and Visual audio and video quality monitoring.

Content processing

Content digitization and storage. Imposing age limit notifications.

Playlist processing

Import, processing, broadcasting playlists preparation. Uploading in the required formats.

Signal processing

TV signal Transcoding and Multiplexing.


Full playout complex protection, including equipment and geographical diversity and delivery protection to distribution points.

Global Media Exchange

Content delivery to satellite and cable providers worldwide via satellite, fiber and IP.

Related Services

Police record. Satellite signal reception. TV channels duplicate payouts for broadcasting with a time shift etc. VOD, ITaaS.

Hardware and Software for Broadcasting

Equipment and Software solutions procurement, laboratory testing and piloting, resale, on-site delivery, configuration management, maintenance within SLA.


broadcasting complexes in BSH Media HUB


unique signals on monitoring


NNIs with satellite, cable and IP carriers


Monitoring Centers


external TV broadcasting center maintained by BSH


interconnected satellite providers


Russia and
CIS coverage


Media Exchange points


Satellite teleport in Moscow

Delivery to AMS-IX, MSK-IX, M9


geographically distributed Data center facilities in Russia